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By appointment only!


In order to meet all of my customers' needs, I offer a flexible pricing structure: either hourly or fixed task-based.

Hourly Fee Schedule:


  • In-Home/Office services for clients with our security package subscription: $110/hr (1 hr minimum) + $50 travel charge

  • In-Home/Office services for clients without our security package subscription: $150/hr (1 hr minimum) + $50 travel charge

  • Emergency on-site service: $130/hr (1 hr minimum) + $25 travel charge

  • In-shop, bench work: $75/hr (billed in 30 minute increments)

  • Remote/Email/Phone support: $100/hr (billed in 30 minute increments)

  • "FastPass" fee $100 - (like priority boarding, or no wait tickets at amusement parks, moves your ticket ahead all other jobs) is charged in addition to the actual service call costs. 


I find that most of my customers choose the hourly fee structure as it allows them to get multiple issues resolved, applications setup, or hardware installed - all bundled into my hourly fee. When multiple issues are addressed during the same visit, the hourly fee is significantly more economical.


Payment Terms: payment is due at the time of service for all new customers. Existing customers will be billed, invoices payable upon receipt. 

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