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Rent "Z" Geek does not sell or disclose client information to third parties except when required by law. Any information that Rent "Z" Geek may come across in performing various computer services is kept in strict confidence, and is not used in pursuing any financial gain.
Please contact me if an specific Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is required.


Rent "Z" Geek may have a business relationship as an affiliate or a partner, with various vendors providing products and services relating to computers. Normally, Rent "Z" Geek receives a small commission/compensation for connecting a buyer and a seller. This commission does not influence products or services recommended - clients' interests are considered first. Rest assured, you never pay extra by purchasing or subscribing via links on this site. Quite the opposite, as an affiliate, Rent "Z "Geek often has promotional codes to provide an additional discount, especially on services.


Every online merchant/vendor has its own privacy policy which states how it may use the information that you provide to them as a consumer.  Each of those privacy policies is unique and may differ from ours and other online merchants.  If you are unfamiliar with a certain merchant's privacy policy, we recommend that you review it prior to making a purchase.

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