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Zrinko is extremely helpful and courteous. His knowledge is amazing and he was able to adjust his schedule to adapt with our business needs.  Everything he did works like a charm!!

Beth C., San Diego, CA

"Z" is the perfectionist and always (and I mean always) ensures that the customer is satisfied in every way from a professional perspective.

Paul W., El Cajon, CA

"Z" takes the time to listen to what I want/need. He does an excellent job making technology do what I need it to do--and educating me along the way.

Pastor Aaron U., El Cajon, CA

"An absolute wizard when it comes to IT implementation issues. Broadest possible breadth caused by natural inquisitiveness; broadest possible depth cause by a natural desire to learn. Recommended without reservation."

Rene Smith, San Diego, CA

Professional service! I was impressed from the start the way you listened to me and made sure you understood my immediate concerns. And once those were dealt with, you gave me proactive ideas for improving my functionality and security without feeling like I had to do everything all at once. Your quick response time lets me know you are there if I have a problem.

Charles K., San Diego, CA

My business depends on a computer. (On You). You recognize that and have been very fast and reliable when you are needed.  With your thorough knowledge and fair pricing, you are the best at computer repair. I believe that and would be happy to say that to anyone that asks. Thank you for being there for me the past and for being there in the future.

Jim B., San Diego, CA

I feel like I have my very own computer tech at my fingertips. Zrinko is knowledgeable, patient and gets the job done. The Geek Squad cannot compare with his service or price. He even follows up to make sure your computer continues to run the way it should. No need to look further.

J. L., San Diego, CA

...worth every penny...

Pastor S. R., El Cajon, CA

Zrinko is the best!  My computer and networking is the link that holds my business together.  If I have even one little glitch, it could put me out of business because I have such strict deadlines.  Zrinko provides prompt (does he ever sleep?) phone service, can remote in and fast in-person service whenever I need it.  He gives great guidance in purchases and shows many ways to save money and time.  He helped me purchase a new computer, printer and peripherals and installed the whole system in record time.  I've had several computer technicians and he is definitely the most savvy, watches out for my finances, versatile, personable and knowledgeable.  5 Stars to Rent Z Geek!

Nancy VLS, San Diego, CA

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